Welcome to my author website!

I grew up in the Palatinate province of West Germany, a region with a huge concentration of U.S. military bases. After high school and an apprenticeship, I worked as an administrative clerk on a U.S. air base for many years.

My novel, Oktober Heat, blends fiction with my life experiences growing up in post-war Germany.

Like most creative souls, I dip my toes into more than one medium. From an early age I have loved to write – just ask my school mates and former pen pals. My writing took a back seat when I met my husband and we both became interested in photography. After moving to the United States from Germany, I began writing photo features for magazines and newspapers, a perfect marriage of both talents. Besides fiction I have also published three picture books for early readers about birds and nature topics.

I am a regular contributor to Pennsylvania Magazine and have also been published in Country Discoveries, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Philadelphia Inquirer, Atlantic Flyer, and Vögel Magazine.

I blog about German-American topics at dorisdumrauf.wordpress.com.

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