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My novel “Oktober Heat” received a new cover


Life in a Wetland won First Place for Best Photography at the 2021 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards

Shiloh Valley is a Finalist Regional Fiction at the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

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Silver/2nd Place award in the 2019 Feathered Quill Book Awards Program for the Children’s Early Readers (6-8) category

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Praise for Common Backyard Birds:

The author’s deep love of nature, and birds, comes through clearly on every page. Her photographs are truly stunning and give readers a close-up look at the birds they might come upon in their own backyards. She encourages youngsters to provide the basics that all birds seek – water, food and shelter – so that they too can have lots of birds visit their yards. The last two pages of the book is a “How to attract birds to your yard” tutorial with lots of good information on how to make your own backyard attractive to birds. Common Backyard Birds is a fun book that provides plenty of helpful information. Rated for K-4th grade, this book would also be good for those working on research projects about North American birds.

Quill says: A truly lovely book about backyard birds that comes to life through the beautiful photography.

–Feathered Quill Book Reviews

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Oktober 1958 in einem pfälzischen Dorf: Als der junge Polizist Walter Hofmann eine Frauenleiche nahe des U.S. Flugplatzes entdeckt, fällt der Verdacht bald auf seinen amerikanischen Freund Jeff. Walter setzt alles daran, Jeffs Unschuld zu beweisen. Während er und sein Partner dem Mörder auf den Fersen sind, verschwindet Walters Schwester spurlos und er eilt ihr zu Hilfe, bevor sie womöglich das nächste Opfer wird.

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In a 1958 West German village, twenty-one-year-old German police officer Walter Hofmann wants nothing more than to dance to the latest rock ‘n’ roll tunes at the nearby American air base. But the girls flock to the easy-going GIs, their dollars, and their fancy cars. Worse yet, the entire country—including his younger sister—is ecstatic about the recent arrival of Private Elvis Presley.

Old World values and New World pop culture clash, even before a young woman gets killed near the base and the military arrests Walter’s GI friend Jeff for murder. Walter believes in Jeff’s innocence, even after he learns that Jeff has won the heart of the girl he secretly adores. While Walter and his partner are on the trail of an elusive killer, his sister disappears in an attempt to see the famous singer and Walter races to her rescue before she becomes the next victim.

Praise for Oktober Heat:

Author Doris Dumrauf has written a captivating story of adventure and mystery that includes kidnappings of police men and a police man’s sister, as well as a murder in her historical fiction novel, Oktober Heat. Taking place in 1958 Germany on an U.S. army base, this novel is filled with rich characters and a well-developed plot line that readers will enjoy. I would recommend this novel to readers that enjoy a deeply developed historical fiction.
— Singing Librarian Books

…More Hardy Boys than hardboiled, but the real attraction is Dumrauf’s sensitive rendering of postwar Germany, where a community of war widows and financially struggling young Germans copes with a sudden influx of American military personnel, with their ready cash and rock ‘n’ roll records.

– Pittsburgh City Paper

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A wonderful, instructional and enjoyable book for young readers

– Feathered Quill Book Reviews

A splendid debut! Doris Dumrauf’s first book is short and sweet.  Exceptional full color photographs, 28 in all, illustrate the creatures anyone can learn to attract to backyard habitats.  From spiders and insects to  birds and mammals, this book is sure to captivate beginning wildlife gardeners and children who love seeing critters that might visit the backyard.  Best of all, she advocates for gardening with native plants.

– Scott Shalaway, Ph.D.

This book will surely inspire the budding naturalist in your life, and it will also serve as a blueprint for creating your own backyard wildlife habitat together. Award-winning photographer Doris Dumrauf has carefully compiled and thoughtfully arranged two dozen of her eye-catching nature photos to show young readers the diversity of living treasures—from caterpillars to owls—that can be found when a backyard is designed with a few essential elements of good wildlife habitat in mind.

– Bob Mulvihill, Ornithologist, National Aviary